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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Step by step process Wordpress to Blogger transformation

Last one year I used a hosting. But willingly I change my host to Google. Today, I have changed my Blogger hosting. I don’t have face any problem because I had a lot of experience to transfer domain and hosting.

Here I want to explain how it have dome the process. I used Wardress CMS that was a great feeling use to. Similarly, I like Blogger platform. This is the last domain I have transfer it self host to Google host.

  1. Logging in my Wordpress just export all the content as an .xml formatted file clicking on Export tools on Dashboard.
  2. To make compatible with Blogger xml, I took help from this website
  3. This is the last stage what I did. Logging in Blogger account click on the import option in setting tab. Follow the process as asking the process has been done.

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