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Sunday, August 22, 2010 owned by Google Inc. suppose to be open for all

Google has bought the visual search engine By using the engine American people used to buy their household things that are necessary for daily use.  If you visit the homepage of the website you will see a notice hanging on the facing page. Accroding to different websites information it is found that the deal was closed for $100 million.

The acquisition was announced on's homepage late Friday. Financial terms were not disclosed, although TechCrunch blog had previously said the startup could be worth as much as $100 million. was started its way in 2006. It is now a powerful visual search engine. Google acquired YouTube in 2006 which is now the most popular video sharing website of the globe.
If you like to buy anything using search, it will ask the location of that area you live in US. ‘If you intend to purchase something for US delivery, please enter the US zipcode you intend to ship to.’ So, it is clear that the service is available only for US people. Hope that, it will be avail able for the whole countries of the world after begin own by Google.

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