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Friday, August 13, 2010

How to solve NTLDR Missing problem

NTLDR Missing problem is not a regular problem but sometime happen in uses’ computers. Why does it happen? It happens because of removing the boot disc improper way. It could happen if you use start your computer pluging-in second hard disc without making slave the second disk.

When you pc run it boots from the driver where windows system files are located. If it fail to load the boot from actual path then this types of problem happen. That is why you have to show the path where you boot will be loaded. To solve the problem NTLDR Missing follow the tutorials below;

  1. Insert a Windows XP bootable Disc into your CD/DVD drive

  2. Press any key when it will show ‘press any key to boot from the CD’ on a black screen

  3. When it will show first time Windows Setup menu press ‘R’

  4. Press ‘1’ and press Enter Key

  5. You have to write ‘Administrator Password’

  6. write the following command as given below (here ‘e’ means the driver where you have insert the source Bootable windows disc and ‘c’ means the drive where the system files will copy)

    1. copy e:\i386\ntldr c:\

    2. copy e:\i386\ c:\

  7. This is the end option of  the process where you will get to see the option yes/no/all, ( yes=y, no=n and all=a)

  8. remove your CD/DVD and restart your pc

1 comment:

  1. Hi,
    My made format my C drive, earlier My PC contain both XP and 2000, but after making format I am receiveing message NTLDR is missing, pls help, i am clueless. When i tried to boot from CD , not able to install or repair from CD,..