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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

KidStarter to Make PC Safe for Kids

Children are using computer or laptop and there is an internet connection makes parents anxious. What are they doing, browsing, downloading virus or some unexpected thing? To protect the children 30 days trial version software called KidStarter developed by Symantec. The company is claiming that KidStarter will keep PCs Safe for kids even it will make the pc funny for them.

Prweb reported:

“With KidStarter installed on the family laptop, I feel comfortable letting my 5 or 3-year-old play alone on the computer.” says Sean Snider, an IT manager. “I am confident that they won't be able to get into trouble or go to any sites that my wife and I don't approve of. One of the best features is that there aren't any more fights to get them off the computer once their 30 minutes a day are up, KidStarter takes care of it for us.”

I am not sure that how KidStarter make the pc fun for kids. Will the software help kids to find out good website which they want?

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