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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Canon’s Sell increased 180 percent from January to July 2010

After economic recession the camera market is growing up. The world best imaging company Canon’s product’s sell has been increased than their expectation. The company has declared the units of sell increase better that expectation. Their target was around 25.9 million units in the year 2010.

Reuters reported

Sales of compact cameras, forecast at 21 million units, are in line with expectations, Masaya Maeda, head of the Image Communication Products division at the world's biggest digital camera maker, said in an interview.

The profit level has also been increased this quarter near $2.10 billion. The profit jumps around 170 in last six month. The company will announced their next six month goal in the fourth week of July. It is sure that the target will be fixed high than last year comparatively.

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