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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The $35 cheapest Laptop will run on solar power

A prototype has been created by the Indian government. According to the declaration the price will be just $35. Perhaps, it is the cheapest Laptop in the world at this moment. Aimed to the India students, the gadget has been brought out by a joint research that will come at the local market by 2011.

The touch-screen laptop looks like iPad but will run with the Linux based operating system. With the introduction of the product India becomes the world’s cheapest laptop maker and Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Science jointly work behind this success.

The US$35, inexpensive Laptop or the student Notebook will be very good product for the student. It has some facilities to browse website, videoconferencing by using broadband internet service. It has a big facility that will bring at big opportunity for the student in out-of-the-way areas because of solar charging system.

We got some cheapest prototype from OLPC and Intel aims to student of developing country but it does not come all countries without some selected country of Africa or some other countries. With the introduction of the new inexpensive prototype India could do for their poor students even in remote areas. Source: voanews

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