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Saturday, July 10, 2010

10 Steps How to activate Bluetooth on your PC to connect with a Phone or Laptop in windows 7

If you use Acer Aspire 4745 or 4745g, you will face some problem after installing all the drivers in your laptop pc. What the problem will appear?

You won’t see any option in your control Panel ‘Add Bluetooth Device’ or

Any icon on your startup trey

You have to follow a few stages to solve this problem

1. Press Fn + F3 Key

Now the will active and will find driver to be prepare. It will show something like the picture below.

2. After completing this stage you Bluetooth device is ready to use.

3. now go to control panel > hardware and sound device > click Add Bluetooth Devic

4. now you are in add device area form where you have option to select Bluetooth enable device

5. select any device and click next button

6. This is the area where you have three option to select

7. If you use the operating system windows 7, it will show a unique number.

8. The device or pc you are going to connect, there you have enter the number as password which will allow you to access. (for mobile phone)

9. if you like to connect any laptop or pc using Bluetooth and if the in the pc you want to connect will show the same number which he have to accept the option

10. Now you are ready to access both or sharing files of folders.

Enjoy the tutorials.


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