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Saturday, June 5, 2010

How to make a USB drive bootable step by step for windows 7

This is an important issue at this moment because the flash storage drive has been increased and people are using portable laptop computers especially netbooks to reduce weight during the journey. You can use external optical drive to install the operation systems. Hut the external optical drive will add extra weight too.

You can solve your problem or install your operating system by using flash dive especially pen drive by following some simple easiest way.

What you have to do[gallery columns="2"]

? Yes, first you have to known the size of the operating system which are you going to install in you PC or laptops (has no optical drivers). If you want to install windows xp then you just need a flash drive which has 1GB of storage. But, it will be best if you use a 4GB storage drive.

Plug in your flash drive in your netbook’s USB Port.

Open command windows by pressing windows and key, make sure you are logging in as administrator.

Write ‘DISKPART’ in command windows or you can write C:\Windows\System32\diskpart.exe line to enter ‘DISKPART’ directly.

Write ‘LIST DISK’ you will get to see the lists of disks have you integrated to your laptop. If you have one HDD and a flash drive that you have plug in for you experiment then it will show just two HDD in the diskpart list and you USB drive will be show as Disk 1.

Write ‘SELECT DISK 1’ and hit enter then your USB drive will be selected. Now write the commands step by step and hit enter





FORMAT FS=NTFS (you can add ‘QUICK’ at the end of the command then you disk will be formatted in a very short time.)

ASSIGN (it will show a new window like below)


Don’t close command windows.

This is the stage you have to copy the boot file from the operating system disk.

Insert the OS Disk where are you working to make the USB disk bootable. Write the drive name of the optical drive. It would be

D, E, F or some thing which depends on the pc’s HDD’s partition. If your optical drive be ‘H’ then write H: and hit enter. Now, enter into the boot folder and write CD BOOT and hit enter. To copy the BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60 or BOOTSECT.EXE file to your USB drive just write BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60 I: or BOOTSECT.EXE I: (my flash dive is ‘I’).

After completing this stage, copy all the file and folders from you CD drive. Now, all your works is ready to install operating system from USB drive.

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