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Friday, April 9, 2010

How to upload localhost database to your wordpress website

Suppose, you have make a website or blog by using your local server and uploaded contents in your database but you want to transfer the entire database on the hosting you have brought recently. I think you are worried about this process. It is very easy task to solve the problem.  Here, I am explaining how to move wordpress website from localhost to the destination server.

When you have uploaded the data on your blog/website all the url has been formed as something like http://localhost/directory, but your web domain that you have bought ( And if you upload the database on your web database then all the url will follow the http://localhost/directory url.

What you have to do? Open your database with any editing software such (WordPad, Notepad, dreamweaver or other editing software). I prefer WordPad because it don’t take much time to open any large size database. Now, write your previous url (http://localhost/directory) into the find box and write ( into the replace box. Later click on the replace all. Now, all the url have been changed as your new expected url. Update the edited database on your website.

This is the complete way how to move your wordpress blog to a new web hosting. You can change it sub-domain or any directory.

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