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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to upload file to Freehostia free hosting a visual tutorial step by step

Recently, I have read a bangle blog, where the users are asking information for uploading there files on the server. Well, this is not easy to anyone because it needs some knowledge on server maintains. But very easy for them who like to read the instruction inside the web-server or control panel. Yes, you are eagerly waiting to know the site of the free domain hosting website. It is noting but Freehostia is perhaps one the of the popular free web hosting website.

Inside the control panel, you will get the visual information and video tutorials that could help you to solve the problems easily.

First step: register a new domain free and you will get 250MB hosting space and 6GB data transfer. You will get the site as a sub-domain according to your desire name ( The auto response server will sent you an ID, User name and password in you email address within 30 minutes that you used during the registration. Log in you email and take the user name and password.

Second step: now write on your browser address bar and you will get a page where it will asks you to log in. after log in you will be sent to your domain control panel.

Three step: In most of the websites, there are three options to upload file in the hosting as per I know (my experience). Internal file manager, FrontPage Extensions and FTP manager can help you to upload the files on your free web hosting.


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