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Monday, September 21, 2009

How to install Wordpress in local host?

In the previous article I wrote about how to install local server open source software xampp in your personal computer and also told that I will describe how to install wordpress? To do you have to go after the instruction

  1. Download Worpress software

  2. Open a database

  3. Create username and password and

  4. follow the instruction below

Downlaod: At first you need to download wordpress software from its website. You can get it in .zip file or .tar.gz. If you picked up .zip file then you can extract it by using windows compress zipper and if you download .tar.gz you must have to have archive software like Winrar.

Open a database: To open a database you have to http://localhost/phpmyadmin and write your database name under the box (Create new database) and click on create right side. You can keep all he box as default. When you complete the direction you will get a message Database (database_name) has been created.

Create username and password: you can create a user name and password so that you could understand that how to user it. You can avoid it too. To crate username and password you have to go to Privileges under that database you created. You will see Users having access to "database_name ". Click on the icon below ‘Action’. And write you username and password right side box and keep host name ‘localhost’.

Now, copy the extracted folder name ‘wordpress’ and paste it inside your local root folder. Here my local root folder is C:\xampp\htdocs, so your local url will be http://localhost/wodpress. In your browser address box just write the address. You will get a page where you will see ‘Create a Configuration File

>> Click on ‘Create a Configuration File’ and you will get some thin like this. Don’t spend time and Click on ‘Let’s go!’ below.

Fill the boxes with database name, user name and password and click on ‘submit’. If you fill correctly then you get a page with ‘Run the install’ button.

In the next page you will be showed an auto generated password and you user name will be admin. Copy the password and click on the ‘login’ with that password.

You can install wordpress by editing you wp-config.php file as usual and that time you will be pushed on the Welcome page directly.

If you have any question just comment I will answer.

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