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Monday, September 21, 2009

How to install Wordpress in local host?

In the previous article I wrote about how to install local server open source software xampp in your personal computer and also told that I will describe how to install wordpress? To do you have to go after the instruction

  1. Download Worpress software

  2. Open a database

  3. Create username and password and

  4. follow the instruction below

Downlaod: At first you need to download wordpress software from its website. You can get it in .zip file or .tar.gz. If you picked up .zip file then you can extract it by using windows compress zipper and if you download .tar.gz you must have to have archive software like Winrar.

Open a database: To open a database you have to http://localhost/phpmyadmin and write your database name under the box (Create new database) and click on create right side. You can keep all he box as default. When you complete the direction you will get a message Database (database_name) has been created.

Create username and password: you can create a user name and password so that you could understand that how to user it. You can avoid it too. To crate username and password you have to go to Privileges under that database you created. You will see Users having access to "database_name ". Click on the icon below ‘Action’. And write you username and password right side box and keep host name ‘localhost’.

Now, copy the extracted folder name ‘wordpress’ and paste it inside your local root folder. Here my local root folder is C:\xampp\htdocs, so your local url will be http://localhost/wodpress. In your browser address box just write the address. You will get a page where you will see ‘Create a Configuration File

>> Click on ‘Create a Configuration File’ and you will get some thin like this. Don’t spend time and Click on ‘Let’s go!’ below.

Fill the boxes with database name, user name and password and click on ‘submit’. If you fill correctly then you get a page with ‘Run the install’ button.

In the next page you will be showed an auto generated password and you user name will be admin. Copy the password and click on the ‘login’ with that password.

You can install wordpress by editing you wp-config.php file as usual and that time you will be pushed on the Welcome page directly.

If you have any question just comment I will answer.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to migrate php nuke to Wordpress platform?

I regularly try to read wordpress jobsite. Recently, I have found that on employer is seeking an expert so that he could solve his problem. In his job description the mentioned that he had PHP-nuke website where he had been posting articles for about 5 years. I feel interested to know about the software about PHP-nuke and visited it official website. Their PHP-Nuke 8.1 is available and the next upgraded version is on the way to release.

In the download page I found an older version PHP-Nuke 8.0 that is totally public for free where the next version 8.1 is a professional version and have to pay $12 to at BMT Micro Inc. to get it.


This version is not available to the public for free. You can get access to it and download after placing your order at BMT Micro Inc., the company in charge to manage this service. You can get PHP-Nuke 8.1 for only US$12 and receive a download location few minutes after complete the order process. You must wait for an email sent by BMT Micro Inc. with your login, password and download location. Any problem you have please read the red note bellow.

The user it trying to shift his works from PHP-Nuke to Wordpress and asking help. I was tried to find hardly found some information by using google search by using the keyword Migrate from Php nuke to Wordpress. But did not get any information and later I was trying to install the older version of PHP Nuke to my xampp localhost according to its installation guide. I am trying hard to found some way how to migrate from php nuke to wordpress.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to install xampp server to support Wordpress as a Local server?

I am not an expert on the most popular Content management Software (CMS) WordPress but trying to learn it. If you eager to learn something on WP just keep touch with my blog Ledbd Wordpress Tips. Toady I will share one of my experience when I started first time customizing something inside wordperss.

I was hardly looking the way how to install wordpress on the local host server. From the very beginning I was stated to use WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL PHP) as a local server and that was very older version. You easily could understand the wamp will work only for windows but you could collect for MAMP for Mac OS, Lamp for Limux. At this moment it is running WampServer 2.0i which got released on July 11 2009 even you will get the updated version serially. That time I could not work with the older version of WAMP.

Later I understood that I could find more information and could find out xampp which was also an older version from its server. It also had problems too. But when I got 1.6.7 version in my hand I could work very comfortably.

Installation of the free server is very easy. You will not face in pressure or more technical knowledge. But if you use Windows service pack 2 then it could appear a window which will show a message asking Block or unblock. You just have to click on unblock. Later you will do as it wants.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to upload file to Freehostia free hosting a visual tutorial step by step

Recently, I have read a bangle blog, where the users are asking information for uploading there files on the server. Well, this is not easy to anyone because it needs some knowledge on server maintains. But very easy for them who like to read the instruction inside the web-server or control panel. Yes, you are eagerly waiting to know the site of the free domain hosting website. It is noting but Freehostia is perhaps one the of the popular free web hosting website.

Inside the control panel, you will get the visual information and video tutorials that could help you to solve the problems easily.

First step: register a new domain free and you will get 250MB hosting space and 6GB data transfer. You will get the site as a sub-domain according to your desire name ( The auto response server will sent you an ID, User name and password in you email address within 30 minutes that you used during the registration. Log in you email and take the user name and password.

Second step: now write on your browser address bar and you will get a page where it will asks you to log in. after log in you will be sent to your domain control panel.

Three step: In most of the websites, there are three options to upload file in the hosting as per I know (my experience). Internal file manager, FrontPage Extensions and FTP manager can help you to upload the files on your free web hosting.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free PHP learning tutorial website Text, visual and video

Those people who like to woks on open source content management web based software they have weakness on open source free software like PHP, MySQL, Apache etc. here I am explaining about PHP tutorials on website., Total tutorials is most popular websites where you will get more information about it from basic, advance and expert tutorials. But it is not free of cost. All of them you have to buy. I personally have weakness on and Total tutorials. But here I am giving some information about free websites on PHP.

On W3schools website, you will get basic to advance level text based tutorials on PHP and even you can take part free exam too.  There is another option to become W3school certified PHP expert by taking examination but you have to pay for it. is the official website of PHP. If anyone wants to be expert on php, it will be the best option to choose.

Tizag: Tizag is similar text base tutorial website like w3schools. is a text and visual instruction based php learning website is video php learning site is Object Oriented PHP learning for Beginners. This is comparatively well but you have buy in advance stage.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome note from Animesh Chandra Bain

Welcome to my new project ‘Letbd WordPress Tips’ about very simple information about Wordpress that I have earned by spending huge efforts. Even still I am spending a lot of time to know more about it. I like to inform you all about me and my works and feelings when I was in trouble during the works.